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Healing Therapies



Traditional acupuncture is founded on the principle that free and uninterrupted energy flow helps activate the natural healing processes in our bodies restoring our physical and emotional well-being.


Many Western pharmaceuticals are based on isolated compounds found in plants. Chinese herbal medicine also works on a chemical level in the body. The big difference is that traditional herbal medicine is tailored for each patient's unique needs and uses the plant in its whole form, which has a more balanced effect on the body relieving symptoms and restoring optimal health


How a woman is cared for in the 4-6 weeks following childbirth can have a tremendous impact on her long term health. My postpartum care will provide you with the tools you need for a quick recovery and longterm vitality


Cupping involves the use of specialized glass cups placed on the skin to create suction. The suction increases the circulation to the area, promoting healing. It is fantastic for relaxing tight muscles, improving digestion and respiratory function, breaking down stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite, and restoring energy and vitality.



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11 plus years of ovarian cysts with the diagnosis of PCOS, lifetime of chronic colds, strep throat, leg and hip pain and numbness, anxiety and depression with intense PMS makes for a miserable existence, yet with Marika’s insight, intuitiveness and intelligence, I am living a truly healthier, happier and peaceful life at 32 than 25!
Marika is a truly gifted, non judgmental practitioner who not only knows the medicine but provides incredibly helpful life tools. She is a steady healer among the storm of life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

Lisa W

I met Marika in Emperor's College a couple of years ago and she has changed my life. She is by far the best acupuncturist and TCM doctor I have had the pleasure to be treated by in the US. Marika is the rare mix of Western approach and Eastern Medicine. She is intuitive, careful, patient and respectful of her patient's individual paths and needs in order for healing to take place. Marika has excellent listening skills, however the patient rarely needs to speak extensively - she just knows. 
I have seen improvement not only in my health and overall energy levels - I have seen a shift in how I handle life and daily experiences. 
Marika is a healer I would recommend to everyone but especially to sensitive people as I am one of them, and it is not always easy to find healers understanding of that. 
I am grateful I have been receiving her help - Marika is a rare example of a person who has found their true calling in life. 

  Silva D